Compulsory medical aid is a good thing

6 February 2020 - 7:00am

Earlier this week, someone expressed an opinion as to why he/she should be forced to subscribe to company medical aid. "The problem is companies to do not give us a choice. We are forced into joining (Discovery Health). That's what we need our government to look at. Why are we forced to join our provider"

I responded:  "You’re not forced to work for such companies. Do the honorable thing. Resign and use public healthcare.😇"

Naturally, outrage ensued.

Almost a decade ago, as CEO of Yired (Pty) Ltd, owner of YFM, i introduced compulsory medical aid for all staff. My logic is simple: if any of my staff were involved in an accident, I did not want them at the mercy of public healthcare. The cost of them joining was subsidised by the company so that said staff members were not out of pocket as a result. I'm appreciative that I had the full support of the shareholders, eMedia, in doing so. The only people who were exempted were those who could prove they already had coverage, such as those who were on their spouse's or partner's scheme.

Companies make no money from partnership with particular medical schemes. On the contrary, bringing all of the employees from a company on board allows for collective bargaining so that overall benefits improve.

If you sign up to work for a private company, you're signing up for their terms and conditions of employment. If you don't like those Ts&Cs, remember there are 10s of millions of South Africans who will happily take your place.