010frankfurt_dan (62K)

Dan Agbese from Nigeria was the elder statesman of our group. We took to calling him Uncle Dan.

011frankfurt_me1 (55K)

Sitting down for lunch in a Thai restaurant which served excellent Tom Kha Gai. Thai food is a constant. Chinese food varies from country to country. If you don't believe me, try finding General Tso's Chicken outside of the US of A.

012frankfurt_me_selfport (43K)

Self portrait although what I was really hoping to capture was the glass of wine and Hong Kong style noodles (no, I have not been to Hong Kong) which I picked up for the Princely sum of 3 marks.

020frankfurt_yoon_hee_sang (51K)

Yoon Hee Sang is a reporter on the International News Desk of the Dong-a Ilbo (that's Daily News, I believe) in Seoul, Korea (or South Korea if you're so inclined).

030frankfurt_kazue_sato (47K)

Kazue Sato is either an editor or Staff Writer (depending on whether or not she's travelling, I guess) at the Hokkaido Shimbum Press in Sapporo, Japan.

040frankfurt_me_dinner (52K)

We ended up having dinner at this ostensibly gay-owned pub where the waitrons (boys and girls) had catwalk bods and tight buns that left us with no option but to give up on the waistlines and sample the desserts. Crepes, I believe, in this round...

050frankfurt_mathias (47K)

Herr Schron is a supporter of the Liberal Party and found himself joing in a standing ovation at their rally. As an objective journalist, I restricted myself to consuming vast quantities of alcohol and taking pictures...

060frankfurt_me3 (43K)

The Green Party rally was a place where I hoped to find kindred spirits. I mean, I love nature's beauty (note comment about buns and bods above, said he facetiously) and get uptight about pollution and regularly campaign for illegal whalers in South African waters to be harpooned, but these guys seemed entirely devoid of a sense of humour. Sigh... So I hung around outside waiting for Joscka Fischer to finish his unending monologue. The wine was awful too. I should have stuck with the beer.

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