San Francisco -- Part 1

010byron1 (34K)

The really nice thing about seeing Byron again after all those years was the way our conversation picked up as though it had never been interrupted. The fact that he was still as bleary-eyed as in our Princeton days (his son, Alexander Triantaphyllos had been born hours before), probably helped. That's the old familiar grin as he drove us toward Burlingame where he has bought a rather pleasant house next to a bubbling brook.

020sf_shades (58K)

He promptly put the Mavica to use...

030byron_poobah_bw (48K)

And this is Poobah whom we hauled off to the vet almost immediately after I arrived...

035sf_beth_alex (44K)

Beth and said baby. Hey, it's a baby. What else is there to say?

040burlingame_station1 (64K)

Burlingame Railway Station. I thought the Roman-style "V" instead of "U" was a trifle California but... Wait a second. I am in California!

050burling_train1 (62K)

I love trains. There's probably some Freudian explanation that also will reveal that I am deeply deranged. (Y'all know this already of course.) This is the train from San Francisco to San Jose...

060sf_port_gandhi (55K)

A statue of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a former lawyer from South Africa, takes centre stage on the plaza at the port offices gazing out at the Bay Bridge.

070sf_port_baybridge (69K)

This is another of those pictures which isn't. I photoshopped these two together. Because the Mavica autoexposes, one side ended up brighter than the other. This technology is going to be so much fun as it gets better and cheaper...

080sf_alcatraz2 (43K)

The obligatory picture of Alcatraz. What about that other bridge, you may ask? Well, I've got a series of 8 pix that I need to photoshop together. I'll get to it eventually...

090byron_camerashop (53K)

We stopped at a camera shop to try to rent a super-wide lens for Byron's Hasselblad. No such luck, but we did get a wide lens. Byron and I got so caught up in gadgets that it severely delayed our heading off to Big Basin. The fact that I was running a fever didn't help either...

100sf_bb_redwood1 (95K)

This picture doesn't really do justice to the sheer size of this thing. You need to look at the next picture...

101BigBasin_redwood (205K)

... which was shot by Byron with the Hasselblad and developed and printed in his bathroom at home. The scan doesn't really do justice to the print which looks quite mind-blowing.

110sf_bb_redwood2 (93K)

And here's Byron halfway along the same tree.

120sf_me_redwood1 (56K)

This is the magic of computer enhancement again. I'm standing inside this tree (along with zillions of spiders).

130sf_me_redwood2 (68K)

And here's a zoom out of the same shot...

140sf_me_redwood_spread (102K)

It's so wide!

150sf_me_redwood_hug (104K)

My friend!

160sf_pacific_sunset (35K)

We took the long way home because I was determined to get a picture of a Pacific sunset. I took this shot at Half Moon Bay with literally seconds to spare... Nice!

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