010sf_jai1 (41K)

Jai Kumar has gotten shorter over the years but hasn't lost the wry smile.

020sf_ravi1 (40K)

Ravi Ramalingam, on the other hand, now looks positively maniacal. I had him pegged as either a homicidal bomber or a serial killer. That aside, he's in reasonably good shape, as is...

030sf_sunil1 (28K)

Sunil Ramalingam a.k.a. Cacofonix. He seems to be the only one of the lot of us who's still instantly recognisable.

031me_cupertino1 (38K)

Sunil shot this pic of me looking flummoxed at seeing the three...

032sf_pool5 (54K)

Pool sharks? These guys trashed me three games in a row.

040niha2 (67K)

Neha is Jai's daughter. She's absolutely cute and twists her dad around her, well... you get the picture.

050me_mina_sunil (57K)

and Meena is Jai's wife and Neha's mother. (Yes, I know, she's a person in her own right too. Who asked you anyway?)

060me_jai_sunil_niha (59K)

And Meena took this picture. Note that Sunil does not have a beer belly. Give him time...

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