Name your price

4 January 2022
Vehicles for sale

Vehicles for sale on Pretoria Main Road, Buccleuch / Kanthan Pillay

Driving home this evening, I came across a sight which is not unfamiliar to my fellow South Africans: cars parked on the side of the road with "for sale" signs and numbers to call. 

Neither of them had a price tag.

My fellow South Africans, help me understand, why do we do this?

It's not like I've walked into a used car lot looking for a vehicle; it's not as though I've begun searching online; but there's always the possibility that if the price tag on either of these vehicles looked attractive, I might have called someone I know who is looking for an inexpensive reliable vehicle. But I am not going to make the effort to call the number on the windshield.

We need to be upfront about pricing. This is true whether you are a pool repair shop, a solar installer, or the guy selling avos / sodas / cell phone chargers on the side of the road. If I know your avos are R20 per bag versus R20 apiece at Woolies, I might be tempted to roll down my window and make you an offer.





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