If the shoe doesn't fit...

6 January 2022

Shoe size conversion chart / convertworld.com

I've never been one to make New Year resolutions, but it's one of those questions that almost everyone asks me when exchanging greetings. So, I decided to take a bugbear and turn that into a resolution.

I want a new pair of shoes.

It's not a complicated ask; except it is. I want shoes that are comfortable that I can wear every day with minimal maintenance. Now, the simple act of finding my shoe size (10½ in old school measure) is pain because no major retailer in South Africa carries half sizes these days.

In pre-Covid days, I would hop across to the US and do my shoe shopping there. That's unlikely to happen for a while. Anyhow, I mentioned this train of thought to a friend from the US while exchanging New Year greetings.

He in turn hopped onto Amazon and ordered me a pair which he swears by. The shipping and duties from the US cost more than the shoes, and I can expect them in a month.

Now that's a good friend.

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