Live long... In our memory

5 March 2015

Leonard Nimoy, who played the iconic half-human half-alien first officer of the starship Enterprise, passed away a week ago. Kanthan Pillay reflects on the lasting impact of Star Trek.

Why let China dictate our lives?

5 October 2014

Surely we South Africans should be free to invite whomever we choose into our homes? And that includes the Dalai Lama.

Kanthan's speech at his uncle's funeral

20 January 2010

Mr Sivathanam Pillay was born in 1923 in Malvern, Natal. His father, Mr Pathmanathan Veloo Pillay, had come to Durban as a passenger Indian from Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin), India. Veloo Pillay married Kuppama, daughter of Mr Sinappa Pillay, another passenger Indian who had come from Madras by way of Mauritius. Sinappa Pillay had established a trading store in West Street in those early years two centuries back...

'Call me Kanthan'

15 September 2003

I launched the eNews Journalism Training Programme in 2003. This was my opening address to the class.

Time for liberation of education

30 June 1999

The best possible education doesn't necessarily come out of a classroom. Why not rethink the way we go about teaching our children?

1998 Walkabout

2 November 1998

In 1998, I covered the German elections for the Cape Times. This photoblog emerged from that trip.

Death of a friend

30 January 1989

My tribute to Dr Abu Asvat was published in The Daily Princetonian and since then has appeared in many other places.