This is an attempt to collate and catalogue some of my recent disparate video appearances on various platforms . Transcripts are autogenerated! Caveat emptor!

The Burning Platform: Blood in, Blood out

Thursday, 30 July 2020

With large government gatherings being so predominant, how will society social distance if leaders don’t? Is extremism sustainable, because as we all know, “the tiger will always eat the trainer.” Should we gun train all citizens? Is the ANC turning into a mob-like organisation, using violence to oppress even the most vulnerable? Greg Arde, the author of ‘War Party: How the ANC’s political killings are breaking South Africa’, joins us to speak about the bloodbath in KwaZulu-Natal, and the factors that have led us here. Brought to you by Nando’s

The Burning Platform: Is big business still big?

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Employment: we delve into the stats on South Africans’ opinions on racially-based employment; we also ask whether it’s possible to make cadre employment work. 

Politics: the strife of the Cape Flats is well-documented, and it raises the question: why does it seem that solving societal problems is not a priority for career politicians?

Economics: is big business in South Africa still big? And finally, South Africa’s lockdown hasn’t just been the last five months, it’s been the last decade. 

Brought to you by Nando’s.

The Burning Platform: Zille's on the streets... the Twitter streets

Thursday, 16 July 2020

"The emperor has no clothes... but I'm not saying it,'' has been the great failure of South Africa's citizenry lately. Can South Africans ever view contentious issues through a lens that's not tainted by race and power agendas? What is the role of dissenting voices like Helen Zille for the sanctity of democracy in SA? What are the visceral, quantifiable concerns of South Africa's voting public? Is Cyril Ramaphosa showing tendencies of tyrannical lust with his wildly oscillating Covid-19 laws and messaging? And is Trump's approach to WHO leading us to Cold War 2?