Aakash Bramdeo returned to editing Post in 2019. He asked me to resume my previous column which I stopped writing when he had previously left the paper. I instead chose to start something new.

Srikanthan is one of the names of Vishnu. Another name for Vishnu is Jagannath, “the unstoppable force”, which gives us the modern word juggernaut. Pillay writes about understanding the unstoppable forces which shape our lives in technology, commerce, science and society.

"Juggernaut" ran in Post every week from 31 July to mid December.

The HPCSA needs a strong dose of something

18 December 2019

Outside Durban, south-east of Marianhill and north-west of Shallcross, there’s a settlement called St Wendolins.

Back in the 80s, this predominantly Nguni community was threatened with forced removals under the Group Areas Act.

And so it was that I found myself driving up there from Durban on a Saturday afternoon in 1982 to cover a prayer meeting, when I passed a crowd standing in a circle in front of the women's hostel at the racecourse end of what was then called Grey Street.