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Compulsory medical aid is a good thing

6 February 2020 - 7:00am

Earlier this week, someone expressed an opinion as to why he/she should be forced to subscribe to company medical aid. "The problem is companies to do not give us a choice. We are forced into joining (Discovery Health). That's what we need our government to look at. Why are we forced to join our provider"

I responded:  "You’re not forced to work for such companies. Do the honorable thing. Resign and use public healthcare.😇"

Naturally, outrage ensued.

As my memory fades...

For some time now, I have had an app on my iPhone called Day One which prompts me every morning at 8h15 to write an entry in my journal.

@Anatinus asked me this morning what that was all about, and I told her that this was a way of reminding myself that someday, I needed to start writing down occasional thoughts or discussion threads that do not fit into any of the spaces where I usually publish.

So, here I sit at the Sleepers restaurant in Hoedspruit and have taken 5 minutes to configure Drupal's blog module to type these words. It's a start!